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Berlin, 23 July 2018The global emobility specialist Hubject has redesigned its Hubject and intercharge brands as part of its internationalisation process. The new positioning shifts the focus to the company’s holistic approach and in-house expertise and is presented through new brand claims and a completely overhauled corporate design.

Hubject works on the collaborative development of the mobility market and maintains intensive partnerships with over 300 providers throughout the entire value chain as a central focal point of electromobility. This ranges from automotive manufacturers, charging point operators, energy suppliers, political bodies and associations to digital service providers and start-ups.

The rebranding, externally visible from a revised logo and vivid colour range, takes account of the development of electromobility from a niche market into one of the primary technological drivers in today’s world. Hubject has also developed in terms of its core activities. The company was founded in 2012 by Germany’s largest automotive manufacturers, energy suppliers and technology enterprises with the goal of making the process of charging electric vehicles in Germany easier. Now, six years and 25 countries later, Hubject is playing a key role in the international and digital mobility and energy sector. With its independent software solution, the company now enables much more than just cross-provider charging of electric vehicles. In addition to standardisation, it is now also driving global innovations such as Plug&Charge.

‘The emobility market is still not daring to think really big in terms of communication. We have now changed this,’ explains Head of Marketing Sammy Bohneberg. Creative Director Ben Kegler adds: ‘Hubject is a hidden champion in pole position. With the repositioned brands, we are now also presenting this reality to the outside world.’

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