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Each package is carefully put together to offer your company measurable added value.

Sales & Leads Boost – Only €599/Month (8h)

What I offer you: I focus on significantly increasing your sales numbers and lead generation in this package. I employ tailored marketing strategies and advanced advertising technologies to maximize your online presence and improve conversion rates.

Your added value: You gain increased visibility and improved customer engagement, but I also work on optimizing your ROI and fostering sustainable growth for your company. Benefit from my expertise in targeted customer acquisition and receive solutions specifically tailored to your business’s needs.

Cost-saving Package – Also only €599/Month (8h)

What I offer you: In this package, I focus on identifying potential savings in your current communication strategy. I advise you on the efficient design of your websites and apps and help you save costs through optimized communication paths and the provision of specialized competencies.

Your added value: I enable you to significantly reduce expenses without compromising quality. I support you in working more efficiently and strategically using your resources, ultimately improving your profit margins.

Find an Employee Package – Recruitment Solutions for €599/Month (8h)

What I Offer You: In today’s competitive market, finding the right employee can be as crucial as landing the perfect client. This package is dedicated to enhancing your recruitment process, utilizing targeted marketing strategies to attract top talent. I implement innovative advertising technologies and platforms to maximize your job postings’ visibility and attract qualified candidates.

Your Added Value: With this package, your company gains access to a larger pool of potential employees, enhancing your team with skilled individuals who can propel your business forward. I optimize your recruitment advertising to improve application rates and quality, ensuring a better fit for your company culture and needs. You’ll benefit from my expertise in crafting appealing employer branding and employment value propositions designed to resonate with the ideal candidates your business needs.

Branding Package – Also for €599/Month (8h)

What I offer you: My goal is to increase the awareness of your brand and services. By developing a solid brand identity and implementing targeted marketing campaigns, I work on anchoring your brand firmly in the minds of consumers and strengthening customer loyalty.

Your added value: With this package, you build a recognizable and trustworthy brand and promote the development of a loyal customer base. Strong branding is essential to differentiate yourself in a competitive market and secure long-term success.

Additional Bonus: Beyond the included 8 hours, I offer additional consulting hours at a discounted rate of only €65 per hour. This is a unique opportunity to create additional value and further advance your company.